A propos de nous

Executive Summary

Global Loop Enterprises is an affiliation of a mother company based in Texas, USA that was established in 2002; our affiliation in Morocco, is located in Casablanca, specializing in consulting, training & coaching services primarily for small, and medium businesses, as well as for educational and medical institutions. Our primary services, in English and French languages, will include, but not limited to: Marketing, Strategy, Finance, Audit, Accounting, Management, logistics, Business communication, HR, Neuropsychology, as well as personal and professional development, etc.…

Our vision

To become a unique leader in business consulting, training, and coaching in the region.

Our mission

To work passionately with our clients to empower them with the best, and most suitable competitive business services that will help them fix their flaws and sharpen their saw, fulfill their professional needs, and optimize their performance in the most efficient way.

Global Loop Enterprises Strategy

To, carefully and empathetically, listen seeking to understand the every day business challenges your business or organization faces, such as, but not limited to, growth and innovation, sustainable cost management, client relationship, personnel development, and where to choose from mass operating models. Our talented architects of transformation, our skillful consultants will work with you to help you move from issue to outcome in a customized way that is most suitable to your business needs. At Global Loop Enterprises, it’s all about delivering measurable outcomes and making sure that high-performance is delivered based on a win-win spirit.

Ownership and Management

Global Loop Enterprises (GLE) is a partnership whose capital is shared equally between two partners: Mr. Younes El Alam, and Ms. Sanaa Fassi-Fihri.

Mr. Younes El Alam  is a Ph.D. candidate in Management (Leadership & Organizational change), his prior degree majors were in Finance, International Marketing, and in Project Management. Mr. El Alam accumulated a solid, and diverse twenty years of experience in New York City, Dallas, Houston (USA), and Casablanca (Morocco.) He worked at various top financial institutions in the USA, such as The United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund, PaineWebber, and TD Waterhouse, as well as a Business Consultant / Coach and a University lecturer in the USA and in Casablanca, Morocco. He founded and has been the president of Global Loop Enterprises, Inc. since 2002. Mr. El Alam is an active member of the following groups: Strategy & Corporate Strategic Planning Exchange, CEO Success Network, Chief Strategy Officer, Consultants Network, and Executive Roundtable

Ms. Sanaa Fassi-Fihri has a Bachelors degree in Communication Sciences from University Hassan II, Mohammedia, and a Master degree in HR Management from University Mohammed V, Rabat. Ms. Sanaa Fassi-Fihri is a Ph.D. candidate in HR Management. She is a lecturer at the Science and Economics University in Casablanca. Ms. Sanaa Fassi-Fihri is a speech and language therapist with an international experience in New York City, Doha, and Paris.